The human body has more productive potential than what is being exploited. Our research has revealed potential earnings — or savings — that can be generated from the body by applying financial analysis to the processes through which the human body consumes and/or produces energy, water, food and waste. Using an average American with a sedentary lifestyle as an archetype, we found that through physical exertion, the average human body can produce up to 550 W/hr of energy and the waste produced by the body in one year can effectively fertilize 1/10 of an acre of land.

One of nature’s most efficient and resilient organisms possesses systems with the capability of absorbing, generating, and recycling nutrients, waste and energy in a closed-loop. Using a Mango tree as an archetype, the following diagrams illustrate the processes through which a tree Consumes & Produces Energy, Waste, Water, and Nutrients and the potential earnings — or  savings— that  can be generated from them. The revenue that can be generated from such a system, proves that in fact, money CAN grow on trees!


Through our research on building production and consumption, based on the Jameson House in Vancouver, we discovered the large consumption patterns of a building. We focused on the consumption of food, water, and energy, and the production of waste. Our findings show massive amounts of outside resources are consumed without generating useful resources of its own. Instead, large quantities of waste are rarely recycled into anything usable.

BiomFAU is a graduate level course taught by Olivia Ramos, in which each individual student will formulate a structure that  functions off the grid. Collectively, imagining an infrastructure that communicates with buildings through data, rethinking and reestablishing the way architecture is designed. Focus will be given to the development of an innovative architectural prototype from systems that produce resources and are autonomous through the synthesis of financial analysis, research, development and technology.

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